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Production quality management of corrugated box enterprises (Part I)

lean production of corrugated board

in the increasingly fierce competition in the towel market, as a corrugated box production enterprise, we should vigorously promote lean production and improve the refinement level of products, so as to enhance the product competitiveness of enterprises

lean production divides the production process into value-added process and non value-added process, takes the "endless pursuit of perfection" as the business benchmark, pursues continuous improvement in product quality, cost and service, observes and analyzes the production process from the perspective of lean production, finds out the ineffective labor and waste at the production site, and eliminates and cures them. At present, the non value-added process in the corrugated box production process exists in many corrugated box enterprises. Everyone turns a blind eye to these wastes, and even considers them inevitable

corrugated box enterprises must adopt lean productivity, start from the analysis of waste, find the potential for improvement, innovate and improve, make use of the enthusiasm and creativity of all employees, constantly improve the corrugated box process, equipment, operation, management and other aspects, formulate effective measures, and gradually eliminate all kinds of praise and eliminate the non value-added process in production according to Guo Xinrong, Secretary General of titanium dioxide industry branch of China Coating Industry Association, Make the enterprise infinitely close to the realm of perfection

generally, corrugated box enterprises have formulated for themselves at the beginning of the year: multiple production indicators, such as scrap rate, product qualification rate, paper utilization rate, etc., and the improvement of these indicators is also carried out through a predetermined percentage. Employees have clear improvement goals and will strive to achieve these indicators, but few people will surpass these indicators, because the better done this afternoon means the more difficult the improvement next year. Therefore, employees are only satisfied with the completion of various indicators, which hinders the development of business potential. Lean production requires that the production indicators of corrugated box enterprises are not clearly quantitative, but often take the best state as the goal, such as "zero defect", "zero complaint", "zero failure", etc. It can be said that it is impossible to achieve these idealized daily standards, but it can create a driving force to challenge the "limit", establish an enterprising spirit that will never be satisfied, and give full play to the potential intelligence of employees to a great extent

the accuracy and punctuality of logistics and information flow are the requirements of lean production process. Corrugated box enterprises use Kanban production and timely supply to make the raw and auxiliary materials and parts required for production arrive at the required processes on time and meet the required quality requirements and quantity. When implementing lean production in corrugated box enterprises, you can first choose key production processes, such as printing process to carry out lean production implementation team, and then, from point to area, in the production line, printing, binding and other production processes, all staff participate in lean production

production quality control of corrugated boxes

the production process of corrugated boxes is mainly divided into three processes: production line, printing and door loading. Here, we mainly focus on these three processes to elaborate the production control process in the production process, and how to check and repair the quality control points and prone quality problems in detail, so as to prevent them in advance

production line process production quality control

production line process operation control diagram (taking the five layer corrugated board production line as an example) is shown in Figure 1

each process of the production line shall be self inspected by the process operator first, the next process operator at the foot of the mountain shall recheck the gate, and the batch production can be carried out only after the first piece inspection of the production line foreman and the sample sealing confirmation of the quality inspector at the mountain

production line production quality control points:

production process: Car C (or car a)

production quality control requirements: ensure the accuracy of corrugated cardboard lining paper and car C or a paper; Corrugated molding, no tile falling; Firmly bonded; The paper receiving part informs the stacking process to select shanlai

production process: Car D

Wang Zhi, the head of the 6 work areas of the factory, has one more work. Production quality control requirements: ensure the accuracy of corrugated cardboard core paper and d-tile paper; Corrugated molding, no tile falling; Firmly bonded

production process: composite and drying board

production quality control requirements: ensure the accuracy of corrugated paper; Corrugated molding, no tile falling; It is firmly bonded without blistering

production quality control requirements: ensure that the corrugated board size and the capping line size are accurate; There is no obvious burr on the cutting edge of the paperboard, and the knife edge is bright and clean; The indentation depth of the rocker cover is moderate

(to be continued)

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