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High impact recycled plastic production process flow

most of this material comes from electrical products (such as TV back cover), toys, stationery, decorative materials, etc

1. First, separate the colors, because ABS and IPS are difficult to separate if they are not professionals. They must be carefully separated. Because benzene and ABS cannot be closed, if they are closed, the products will be scrapped. For example, cultural and educational supplies, toys with more chrome plating and painting must be selected, and the construction land and administrative license of the industrial park in Cape Verde must be obtained; The design product of the project is metallurgical grade sandy alumina

2. Treatment: remove plating and paint. Due to a certain proportion of chemical treatment, protective articles and containers should be used in addition, otherwise the body may be damaged

3. Cleaning conditions: put a little soap powder and degreaser, and then wash with clean water. Pay attention to the environmental pollution of wastewater

4. Wash the detergent: A. dry it; B. Drying; C. The dryer dries. After these materials are dried in the sun, they can be mixed with colors and put some by-products

5. The special extruder is used for on-board extrusion and water-cooled granulation. However, the ni0.053 rear package is marked with the electromagnetic clutch pull-in number and leaves the factory

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