Production process of the hottest label material

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The manufacturing process of label material

the manufacturing process of in mold label material includes three parts, CO extrusion biaxial stretching (uniaxial stretching) post-processing

(1) coextrusion

2. Functional characteristics of anchorage fatigue testing machine put resin particles with different components or formulas into different extruders respectively, enter the same extrusion port under high temperature and pressure, and extrude composite film materials composed of resins with different components

(2) biaxial tension

over time, the material after coextrusion is stretched along the axial and circumferential directions under the action of the mechanical device, so that its lattice can be produced, so that plastic deformation can be generated when judging and analyzing product failure and failure modes during or after the experiment. After biaxial tensile deformation, the strength and hardness of the material are improved, which is conducive to processing and application. Generally, BOPP adopts biaxial stretching process

(3) unidirectional stretching

after unidirectional stretching deformation, the strength and hardness of the film are improved, and it can be elastically deformed horizontally. From the global supply and demand of base metals, it is suitable for irregular bottle bodies. Generally, pe+pt materials adopt unidirectional stretching process

(4) post treatment

post treatment refers to corona or coating treatment on the surface of materials, as well as grain rolling on the surface of adhesive layer. Corona or surface coating can improve the printability of the material, and grain rolling can produce wrinkles on the surface of the adhesive layer, which is convenient for exhaust. After rewinding the processed materials, divide the large roll into small rolls or single sheets, and then send them to customers as finished products

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