Production process of the hottest processed glass

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Hot working glass production process

hot working glass is gradually used, and its technology is also widely spread. Let's discuss it together below

1. Blow: dip the pipe with glass beads and blow: blow with artificial steel mold/machine-made steel mold, and manually shape freely: blow, pull, roll, fall, stick and cut

2. Cast: hydraulic injection or flow of glass into the mold to form: steel mold die-casting glass bricks, hand cast color glass bricks, plane cast art glass, wax loss precision casting, glass workshop

3. Pressing: draw out the liquid glass, emboss or emboss the glass plate with color texture and shading with rollers: machine-made embossed glass, hand embossed art glass, machine-made glass mosaic

4. Sintering: glass powder, etc. are sintered in the mold at high temperature to form: foam glass or glass ceramics, etc

5. Fusing: the glass is completely fused to the liquid glass and condensed under its surface tension: fused glass beads, glass handicrafts and handicrafts

6. Enamel: use high-temperature colored glaze to paint or paint on the surface of glass: colored glaze colored glass, colored glaze colored painting

7. Stack burning: burn and stick the laminated glass into a whole: stack melting, stack burning, filigree/piece

8. Sgging: the flat glass is burned and sunk into the mold to form: most products in China are called "hot melt glass"

9. Hot bending (slomping all LCD numerical control to set the required parameters): burn the glass soft and free to sag and deform: the curved surface is still hot, and some high-quality steel bends of special categories are imported. The hot bending produces "wash basins", "aquariums", etc

10 glue: use EVA film or PVB film to adhere and cure various materials in two or more layers of glass. Such as "iron wire glass", "plant glass", "bulletproof glass", etc.

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