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The South resin waterborne industrial coating engineer training course was held in Suzhou

from July 15 to 16, 2015, the South resin waterborne industrial coating engineer training course was successfully held and successfully concluded in Suzhou industry association polymer Co., Ltd. This training course aims to implement the latest hot topics, focus on waterborne industrial coatings, and solve various technical problems encountered by coating enterprises at present. The experts specially invited for this training include Guochang, President of the industry association group and doctor of polymer in the United States (3), Mr. Pei, who is not close or dirty between the steel ball of the oil pump and the ball socket in the metal impact experiment, well-known experts in the industry such as taojiaqian senior Engineer of Suzhou Institute of chemical industry, who gave an academic speech on the latest development of waterborne industrial coatings, which has improved the pressure and humidity direction of the cabin, the formulation process and application technology of waterborne industrial coatings. 3. It is necessary to explore the establishment of a cooperation mechanism, And provide technical guidance for the on-site practice of the participants. More than 30 representatives from coating production enterprises and coating application enterprises across the country attended the meeting. This meeting was highly praised by the participants and recognized by industry experts

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