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The development trend of carton enterprises (I)

the balanced development between customers and costs is very important for carton factories. Only when the basic cooperation conditions between the supplier and the demander are met, it is possible to produce products that satisfy customers and make carton factories profitable. Carton products are the key for enterprises to obtain profits. Product reform and solving the crisis of single product variety are effective measures to control costs and improve efficiency. In a series of production management processes, enterprise employees play a decisive role. Talents are the cornerstone of enterprise development, while personnel management is a relatively weak link in carton enterprises. Paying attention to the management of talents in outdoor experiments and attracting excellent talents is undoubtedly an important factor for the development and growth of enterprises. In 2005, carton enterprises began to enter a period of major adjustment, taking essence and discarding dross, and paying attention to the simultaneous development of enterprise software and hardware. The new situation requires us to change the existing development pattern, implement the new pattern of enterprise development, develop new products, and improve product grades

the development of the corrugated box industry in 2005 is mainly reflected in the search for product change, the resolution of the crisis faced by enterprise development, and the development of enterprise informatization. Modern carton enterprises are in an unpredictable changing environment, and they cannot avoid the possible crises of cost, products, customers, talents, competitiveness and so on. Faced with such a crisis, carton enterprises should calmly respond and turn the crisis into safety; Or are you in a panic, sinking deeper and deeper

How do carton enterprises balance costs, carry out centralized research on technological innovation and industrialization and customers

seek the balance between customers and costs, and when solving the customer crisis faced by carton enterprises, we should deeply understand that customers are the source of life of enterprises. Having relatively stable and long-term customer resources is particularly important for carton enterprises. Carton enterprises' maintenance of customer resources is considered to be the key to the stable development of enterprises. While choosing and winning customers, we should always consider cost control, because this is an effective means for carton enterprises to reduce costs and improve efficiency

"ask where the canal is so clear, because there is a source of flowing water". Water is the source of human life. The customer is the source of life of the enterprise. For enterprises, equipment, technology, capital buildings, home and industrial control technology can be obtained through purchase, cooperation and financing. Only customer resources can be created by enterprises themselves. At present, the carton industry is in an era of "meager profits". Carton enterprises located in the middle of the carton production supply chain are facing a "double squeeze" from upstream suppliers and downstream customers: on the one hand, the rise in raw material prices has led to a substantial increase in the production costs of carton enterprises. On the other hand, customer demand is still rising. In this situation of "being attacked from both sides", if carton enterprises want to gain a firm foothold in the current market and seek development space, they must rush out a way to find a balance between customers and costs, so as to achieve high quality, low price and high-quality service. How to choose and win customers while always considering cost control? This is undoubtedly a problem worth thinking about for carton enterprises

customer demand

according to incomplete statistics, the losses of most carton enterprises have reached more than 80%. Even for general profit-making enterprises, the profits are also quite meager, and the carton industry is facing a very serious situation. At present, many end customers are constantly asking for product price reduction, but on the other hand, their requirements for quality and materials are getting higher and higher, which makes the already embattled carton enterprises use the low price strategy to survive in the cracks at all costs. Therefore, in order to find a balance between cost and customers, we should first understand the specific needs of end customers

the order structure is complex, the number of orders is large, and the order volume is getting smaller and smaller. The market is constantly changing, which requires carton enterprises to adapt to the market requirements and survive in the changing parts widely used in automobiles, electrical appliances, sporting goods and other parts

high quality requirements for cartons

customers have put forward higher requirements for the material, color and printing of cartons. Carton product requirements are getting lower and lower

due to blind price competition of some carton enterprises, customers have greater choice, which has brought serious consequences to carton enterprises

short delivery period

customers require tight delivery time, and the delivery cycle is volatile

there are many zero inventory purchases

large enterprises generally determine the supply volume and supply time of domestic carton packaging according to the arrangement and plan of product production. The warehouse of the carton user is located in the carton enterprise. Everything is transferred according to the production of the user, and there is no specific delivery time

production cost of carton enterprises

the above is the demand of customers, so let's pay attention to the current production cost of carton enterprises

the price of base paper has increased while the quality has decreased.

the market demand for base paper has increased. In addition, due to the rising price of raw materials and the control of imported base paper, the paper price has risen all the way. As a result, the cost of base paper increased from about 70% to more than 80%. However, the bursting index of the paper actually produced decreased by 5% - 10% compared with previous years

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