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Application of glb5000 asphalt mixing equipment of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. in Beijing Xinjiang Expressway application of glb5000 asphalt mixing equipment of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. in Beijing Xinjiang Expressway recently, the world's longest desert expressway, in which there are unprofessional reasons for the selection of users' experimental machines, has been completed. The main project of Beijing Urumqi expressway, with a total length of 930 km, has been completed

the longest desert expressway in the world - Beijing Xinjiang Expressway

Beijing Xinjiang Expressway connects Beijing and Urumqi. The main line of Linhe baigeda section (within the territory of the Arab League) is 814.37 kilometers long and the connecting line is 173.63 kilometers long. Linbai section of Beijing Xinjiang expressway is a landmark project of the national "the Belt and Road" and another representative project with typical characteristics of difficult regions after the Qinghai Tibet railway

the glb5000 asphalt mixing equipment of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. is constructed in the lbamsg-1 project section of the project, which is constructed by the third project Department of Beijing Xinjiang expressway of China Construction Sixth Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. It is noteworthy that the asphalt mixture required for paving this section of expressway is produced by the glb5000 asphalt mixing equipment of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd

the Linbai section of the Beijing Xinjiang expressway is the longest highway crossing the desert in the world, crossing Badain Jaran, Tengger, Ulan buk and the three deserts. The line crosses the Gobi desert in many places. The vast Gobi desert and rolling sand. The special geographical environment makes the construction face the challenges of poor natural conditions, lack of construction resources, difficult material transportation, and high environmental protection requirements. Construction in such a special environment is a great test for whether the asphalt mixing equipment can adapt to the harsh environment, environmental protection performance, and thermal system

South Road Machine glb5000 asphalt mixing equipment

environmental protection performance test: desert land is mainly used for the fatigue performance of various spiral springs with low frequency. The ecological environment in the experimental area is fragile, and the environmental protection requirements for construction equipment are high.

in view of the characteristics of desert construction environment with large wind and sand and large temperature difference between day and night, South Road machine equipment has been specially designed to prevent wind and sand, and has planned and designed a large quarry for customers, Realize the natural reduction of aggregate moisture content, and increase the automatic emptying and refueling function of the silo

as an important part of asphalt mixing equipment, the thermal system of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. has been specially optimized to have the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection

the drying drum designed with a new lifting blade structure and the independently developed burner realize optimal dynamic combustion and save fuel by 15% - 20%. According to the actual production statistics on the construction site, as of September 19, the equipment has steadily produced 250000 tons of asphalt concrete. The customer originally planned to use 7kg heavy oil to heat each ton of aggregate. After completing the production of 250000 tons of asphalt concrete, the actual oil used to heat each ton of aggregate was reduced by 2.1kg, saving a total of more than 500 tons of heavy oil, directly creating more than 1 million net profits for the project department


in the thermal system, in order to give full play to the maximum efficiency of the burner, the fuel oil is generally pre heated before entering the burner. The common heating principle of heat transfer oil is that the heat transfer oil is heated by the heating furnace, and then the temperature of the oil tank is increased through heat transfer. There are shortcomings such as lagging and unstable temperature control, as well as heat loss. Therefore, Nanfang road machinery adopts electric heater to raise the oil temperature. The high-power electric heater can raise the oil temperature by 30 ℃, which greatly increases the adaptability of heavy oil. The electric heater is automatically controlled by PID, and the output power of the electric heater can be adjusted at any time to stabilize the oil temperature at the set temperature point, and the temperature control accuracy is up to 1 ℃. Compared with ordinary heat transfer oil heating, it has the advantages of high heating efficiency, accurate temperature control, energy conservation and environmental protection, and low maintenance cost. Secondly, the use of electric heaters not only significantly reduces the temperature of the fuel oil storage tank, reduces the number of operations, but also saves the amount of diesel oil used to heat the heat transfer oil. More importantly, reducing the temperature of the oil storage tank can reduce the overflow of harmful gases and volatile components in the oil and avoid the poisoning of operators and the deterioration of heavy oil

electric heater

production capacity test: the construction period is short, the construction period is tight, and the long-term and high-intensity production requirements

in order to ensure that the construction period is completed on schedule according to the construction requirements of the construction party, the construction period is very tight, so the asphalt mixing plant undertakes the long-term and high-intensity production task, and has to race against time for production, which requires high production efficiency and stability of the equipment. Nanfang road machinery 5000 asphalt mixing equipment, The production volume is large, and the operation makes the film bubbling stable, which fully meets the actual construction needs

mixing system: simulation and optimization of material movement mixing speed technology. Ensure the complete homogeneous mixing of each pot, improve the mixing efficiency by 25% and reduce the energy consumption by 20%. The world's first imported wear-resistant parts from Sweden

screening system: the vibrator is directly driven, reducing energy consumption and maintenance free. Digital simulation, dynamic simulation, mixing rate <5%. The screen tension is recognizable and easy to operate

in the desert wasteland, the poor construction and living conditions have brought many inconveniences to the installation service work, but even in the difficult environment, the service engineer of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. is still dedicated, because there is only one belief in his heart, "everything is for the customer". From the date of delivery of the equipment, the installation and service engineers of Nanfang road machinery began to actively cooperate with the project department, and carefully taught the technology and experience of operating and maintaining the mixing equipment. Their patient, meticulous and professional services ensured the stable operation of the equipment throughout the production process

on September 11, the third project Department of CSCEC Beijing Xinjiang Expressway constructed by the bridge company of China Construction Sixth Bureau completed the connection four days in advance, taking the lead in connecting the six project departments of CSCEC! Won high rewards from the owner and the general contracting management department

the efficient and stable performance of the asphalt mixing equipment of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. has contributed to the early completion of the project construction with quality and quantity guaranteed by the project department and the early completion of the main line, which has been deeply appreciated by customers

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