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Baiyun ultra-high performance glue blooms in the snowy plateau

Lhasa adds a gasket between the oil collector and the pump body. In the snowy plateau with an altitude of more than 3650 meters, the secant modulus of elasticity under strain can be measured on a daily basis. The illumination length (annual sunshine hours exceed 3000 hours), the temperature difference between day and night is large, the maximum temperature is 28 ℃, the minimum temperature is minus 14 ℃, there are many winds, and the environment is bad. The command center project of the Tibet Armed Police Frontier Corps is built in Liuwu new area, which is located at the intersection of the East and West monsoon. The wind pressure is high, and the requirements for building glue are very high. Before our salesperson approached the project, the project had designated an original imported brand

after meeting the person in charge of the project by chance, the salesperson identified the opportunity to introduce the company's ultra-high performance products and advanced technology in detail. Baiyun brand ultra-high performance structural sealant produced by our company is a product specially developed for high-rise and ultra-high-rise buildings, large-scale curtain walls, complex structural projects and projects with high safety requirements. It has the characteristics of high strength, large elongation, medium modulus and so on. It can effectively reduce the bonding width of structural adhesive, thus reducing the amount of adhesive, making the curtain wall more beautiful. This product can also reduce the black edge width of insulating glass of hidden frame curtain wall, Better meet the requirements of architectural art. The product was approved in 2002, successfully developed in 2004 and passed the expert appraisal and acceptance. In 2005, it passed the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements of the Ministry of construction, and the standard value of the product strength is as high as 1.2MPa. The products have passed the sampling inspection of all previous national authoritative inspection institutions and have been applied to many high-demand projects, such as Guangzhou West Tower, the curtain wall project of the comprehensive building of Liangshan tobacco company, Liangshan leading people's Hospital, Chongqing No.9 hospital, the office building of Sichuan Ganzi Forestry Bureau, Wuhan Qintai Grand theater, and the Tinian Imperial Hotel on Saipan Island in the United States

at the same time, compared with imported sealant products, our ultra-high performance sealant has obvious advantages in product quality, price, supply cycle and later service. After multi-party communication and Party A's on-site investigation, Party A, the supervisor and the construction party were full of great confidence in the high-quality products of Baiyun glue, the leading brand in the industry, so they changed their original intention and decided to cooperate with Baiyun for a long time. Baiyun glue has once again stood out among many international famous brands. In the alpine areas with harsh environment, it is worth mentioning that the excellent quality of structural glue has established a monument for Baiyun super high performance. Baiyun chemical's footprint is once again blooming on the magical snow plateau of Tibet

it is understood that the command center of the armed police Tibet border defense Corps is the largest single building in Tibet at present. After completion, it will apply for the snow lotus cup and Luban Prize

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