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White House: China has no military involvement in Syria

bencarson, Republican presidential candidate of the United States, November 13 (Wang Hui) - since this year, the situation in Syria has become more unpredictable. Russia has launched a heavy attack on the Islamic state, and U.S. President Barack Obama has also decided to send special forces to Syria. Moreover, on November 10, Mr. bencarson, the Republican presidential candidate of the United States, also made a mischief, claiming that China was also involved. Not only did the American media not believe his false statement, but also the White House could not see it. He publicly refuted it on the 12th

his statement was immediately questioned and criticized by the mainstream of the United States. The Washington Post called it "very confusing", and the Huffington Post called it "a mess of phrases." Buzzfeed, an American polymerization station, vividly said that Carson said that "many people are scratching their heads" and feel confused

however, the Carson camp refused to admit its mistake. His adviser Williams insisted on the 11th that the Carson camp had its own intelligence about "who was there and who intervened in that place". He insisted, "according to the information we received, we learned that the Chinese were there."

Carson's words also reached the White House. However, the White House was quite sober this time, making it clear that there was no sign of Chinese military involvement in Syria. U.S. national security adviser Condoleezza Rice told reporters on the 12th that she did not understand what Carson was talking about. "I'm not sure what he means, unless it's a diplomatic presence. I don't see any sign of China's military involvement in Syria."

Rice's deputy, benro, "when developing this component, he also said that military intervention in Syria is not in line with China's consistent policy, and China has not been involved in the Middle East conflict for decades. He also said that if there is intervention, the United States should also be aware of it

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