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Bai Jia claims 5million packaging infringement fees from Baixiang

the picture shows the comparison between the outer packaging of Baixiang and Baijia convenience fans

chairman of Baixiang: at present, he has no energy to talk about this.

the two domestic convenience food enterprises surnamed Bai, namely Baijia fans, publicly denounced the dispute over the malicious infringement of the appearance patent of Baixiang group and the malicious imitation of the outer packaging of Baijia fans, and the latest progress was made yesterday. Hu yuanqiang, director of the Foreign Affairs Publicity Department of the Bai family fans, told yesterday that the Bai family would carry out rights protection actions in an all-round way. At the same time, he revealed that the Bai family would claim 5million yuan from the white elephant group in accordance with the law

Baixiang counterfeit products were removed from the supermarket

previously, Baijia fans publicly said on September 26 that the relevant products of Baixiang group infringed the packaging of Baijia fans, and then Baijia sent a lawyer's letter to 11 supermarkets with Baixiang fans, such as Henan Zhengzhou Yichu Lianhua supermarket, asking them to stop selling Baixiang infringing products

it is reported that since the beginning of October, the relevant infringing products of the white elephant group have begun to be completely removed from the cabinet in Zhengzhou Yichu Lianhua supermarket. Zhengzhou Century Lianhua supermarket also said that it will not purchase after a small number of white elephant products that have been on the shelves have been sold out. Many other local supermarkets have also been ready to withdraw their cabinets with the development of spring demand space in China in recent years

at present, Baixiang products off the shelves of lotus flower in Yichu include 4 bags, 4 bowls, and 2 5-Pack products with 4 flavors of authentic sour and spicy flavor, spicy and fatty sausage flavor, spicy and hot flavor, and casserole stewed chicken, a total of 10 products. These 10 products are the best-selling products of Baijia at present

according to Baijia fans, it has been preliminarily identified that the relevant infringing products of Baixiang group were launched at the end of July, with a total of 4 flavors and 10 single products. First, the difference between the measured value recorded or displayed on the deformation value of the sample with 8 indication errors and the actual value of the measured value was listed in Zhengzhou and Luoyang, Henan Province at the beginning of this month, and entered a total of 12 local large-scale supermarket stores, At the same time, it is also sold in many local wholesale manual wood universal testing machine markets; At the end of August, white elephant fans began to enter Shandong Weifang market; In early September, white elephant infringing products were also found in Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanxi and other places, and there was a trend to spread to the southern market

Bai Jia will file a formal lawsuit in the near future

in this regard, Bai Jia fans angrily denounced the white elephant group's malicious counterfeiting of its outer packaging as a robbery. Yesterday, Hu yuanqiang told: in fact, the white elephant family did not intend to sue the white elephant group, but since they found the fake products of white elephants, they sent a lawyer letter to them hoping to negotiate with their experimental plan to solve the matter at room temperature, white elephants have not given a positive reply. Through the local media, he accused Bai fans of not publishing their infringement to the media. Hu yuanqiang said: This is simply the logic of bandits. There is no reason in the world to steal people's things and not let people shout to catch thieves. Therefore, the Bai family decided to settle the matter through litigation

Hu yuanqiang revealed that at present, all evidence collection of white elephant related infringing products by White House fans and the preparation for litigation before relevant laws have been done. It is possible that they will formally file a lawsuit with white elephant group in the near future, but the specific time and place of filing a lawsuit have yet to be determined

Baijia fans said that according to the relevant provisions of the patent law, the amount of single infringement claims can reach 500000 yuan. Based on the current infringement of Baixiang, Baijia fans will claim 5million yuan from Baixiang group. If this case is held, it will become the largest patent claim in the domestic convenience food industry

previously, white elephant said that it had developed new packaging, but the new packaging had not yet been launched, and the original packaging was only a test product

in this regard, yaozhongliang, chairman of Baixiang group, told yesterday that he had no energy to talk about this matter recently, and then declined the interview on the grounds that he was in a meeting. When contacting the legal department of Baixiang group, the relevant person said that since the person in charge of the incident was not present, he could not give a reply

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